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Keyfob Transmitter

The Keyfob transmitter is ideal for general-purpose remote control and command applications. As a part of our Holtek encoder-based OEM family, it has been pre-certified for FCC Part 15, Industry Canada, and European CE (433MHz only) compliance, reducing development costs and time to market. Available in 315, 418 (standard), or 433.92MHz, this stylish and compact remote has a range of up to 1,000ft when combined with the LR Series receiver. The Keyfob can be configured with 1 to 5 buttons and the keypad and labeling can be modified to meet specific customer requirements. Selectable addressing provides security and allows the creation of up to 1,024 distinct transmitter-receiver relationships. The Keyfob is available in black, white, or translucent colors. The transmission can be decoded using a matching Linx Function Module, KH Series receiver / decoder, or an LR Series receiver paired with a decoder IC or microcontroller. The unit operates from a single 3V CR2032 lithium button cell.

,FCC, Canada, and CE pre-certified
,1 to 5 buttons
,Small package
,Customizable keypad
,Remote Control / Command
,Keyless Entry
,Garage / Gate Openers
,Lightig Control
,Security / Call Systems
,Home / Industrial Automation
,Wire Elimination

Ordering Information
315MHz Keyfob Transmitter CMD-KEY#-315-xxx
418MHz Keyfob Transmitter CMD-KEY#-418-xxx
433MHz Keyfob Transmitter CMD-KEY#-433-xxx
315MHz Keyfob Transmitter Basic Evaluation Kit EVAL-315-KEY#
418MHz Keyfob Transmitter Basic Evaluation Kit EVAL-418-KEY#
433MHz Keyfob Transmitter Basic Evaluation Kit EVAL-433-KEY#
# = Number of Buttons 1 to 5
xxx = Transparent color. Leave blank for standard Black
CGY = Gray, CBL = Blue, CRE = Red, CPU = Purple
Sample quantity available in 5 buttons - Volume quantity 1,000 piece minimum order
Technical Drawings

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