Print specs

Art Specifications


The production of your custom card will be a simple process if you follow our guidelines. Give the following specifications to your art studio or the film house that will supply us with your final films.

Artwork Dimensions

All digital artwork files should be in printable format for the Macintosh and PC environment.

If you are sending film files of artwork following all specifications above a minimum of 150 line screen Negative film with emulsion down is required with a proof.

Digital Artwork to be formatted in the following software for best results

Adobe Illustrator (.eps or .ai files)

Adobe Photoshop (.eps or working files (.psd) minimum 300dpi)

Corel Draw (.ai or .eps files only)

All text in artwork to be converted to curves or supplied with working fonts in a text document, Quark Xpress or Microsoft Word.

If you are sending files via the web, please compress files in either ZIP for the PC, or Stuffit for the MAC.

All pre-done artwork is to follow sizes and positioning as specifications here.

To acquire additional information please contact Customer Service at (0086)15080180146.

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